Cameron says “you’re all tw*ts”

// July 29th, 2009 // Creative

David Cameron, leader of the UK Conservative party and future British Prime Minister (bar any serious upsets), tickled my fancy today by declaring (live on radio) that there’s a danger that Twitter users may end up being twats.  Inspired for possibly the first time by Tory policy, I kicked out this t-shirt design:

David Cameron MP says 'you're alltwats' to Twitter users

If you’re not sure what a twat is, the Times says it is a “vulgar synonym for the human vagina”.  Conservative central office’s PR bunnies claim it is technically not a swear word, which is nice. Twats.

I’m in the process of kicking Neil @ Ninja Zoo so I can actually make it available as a t-shirt – sadly his sign-up script appears to have got a bit messed up…

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