Branded Mug Design

// May 5th, 2010 // Creative

One of the hardest aspects of managing fast paced growth in a startup company such as mine is coping with the influx of employees.

One of the principles of interaction design I was taught, based on research done by the psychologist George Miller, is that most people’s cognitive capacity is 7 +/- 2 – in effect, the average individual can remember seven items of information reasonably well, but struggle as soon as they have to remember more.

This becomes a stark problem when the number of employees required to complete a round of tea heads above this – compounded by the fact that each person likes their tea differently, and some odd people even seem to like coffee.  When we reached the point that people would come in early to get the chipped mug, just to have a way of identifying themselves, I figured something had to be done.

Step forward YourDesign, who have the best mug design service I could find in 5 minutes of Googling.  Just knock up a quick design like this, pay £8, and you have a personalised mug:

Masabi mug - template design

Within 2 days I had my prototype back, and within a week the whole company were kitted out with branded mugs.  We’re even considering getting them for regular customers who drop by for design and development iteration meetings…

Slight warning: the print quality is a bit fuzzy, but with a nice bold design it works pretty nicely, and I no longer have to order mugs alphabeitcally whilst they brew, run round the office reminding myself who wanted what, then accidentally pour milk into the wrong mug and have to start again.

NB: shooting white against white on a white background in a lightbox that is slightly too small – harder than it looks :)

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