iPhone 4 Promo – Marketing Video or Satire?

// June 26th, 2010 // Mobile

Watching this video on the iPhone 4, I found I was constantly viewing it from two perspectives – firstly as a slightly overbearing  “it’s so cool” marketing piece that could only be made in America, but secondly as a deliberate deadpan satire about how you can con people into thinking so many very old and well established features are innovative.  3G, high res screens, and everyone’s favourite feature – video calling!  Mostly features that were disparaged by Apple until they finally caught up, incidentally – though I don’t think anyone else has tried to innovate a case that can block out radiation with a simple touch, they are breaking new ground there whatever Jobs says (unapologetically).  Maybe it’s just down to the trans-Atlantic difference in demeanour.

Apple have done a stellar job with the iPhone in a number of areas – user experience (some comparative Android thoughts coming up in a future post), popularisation of apps, and minimisation of fragmentation (but it’s there – iOS 4 is not available to first gen users, there is some feature fragmentation between each new model, and doubling the pixel size to run legacy apps on eg. an iPad certainly doesn’t always work, though technically it’s hard to see why).

Unfortunately they present it in such a myopic way that my gut reaction is to dislike them for it.

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