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Movember Update – Day 21

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This month I’ve been taking part in Movember, the world’s premier facial hair charity event held to raise funds for prostate cancer.

Starting from a clean shave on November 1st, the trick is to come up with the most impressive moustache possible without any beard or joining up of sideburns – which still leaves plenty of creative potential :) Right now, I’m sporting a pair of lightning stripes down under my chin:

Movember day 9

I’m thinking it’s now time to start changing the style – sponsor me some money and you can have a say in where it goes next :)

For the curious, this is what it looked like on day 9, before I added the last step of the lightning:

Fun though the moustachery is, it’s all for a good cause – one man dies every hour in the UK from prostate cancer, and by sponsoring me here you can help raise awareness and find a cure.

Masabists: Illustrating Gartner’s Q3 2010 Global Handset Shipment Report

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This post originally appeared on the Masabists blog.

I created a quick infographic this weekend to illustrate the trends shown in Gartner’s recent Q3 2010 handset shipments report:

Gartner 2010 Q3 global handset shipments

The bluer a company is the more its market share is growing, the redder a company is the more its share is being eroded (even if handset shipments themselves are up) – which illustrates nicely the slow decline of the old guard, as a more diverse mix of companies invade the handset space. Fragmentation is here to stay.

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