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Bleak – For The Good of the Nation review

// June 22nd, 2011 // No Comments » // News

I have to confess, it has taken me half a year to write this review. Not because I don’t like the album – I do, in places a lot. But because I know the band, and like them, and felt that that would largely compromise the integrity of the review. It was only when I found myself absent mindedly really getting into Shake whilst walking through Gatwick – completely unaware that it was Bleak playing, just enjoying the music – that I felt I should do it.

Bleak present a pretty unique blend of the blues, in large part due to singer Anton’s Russian accented vocals – not everyone will like them, but there’s a lot to like from the rage of Wash My Hands to the laid back mellow bliss of Melt.


One of the most interesting aspects of the recorded album was how it changed my perception of which songs were my favourites. Live – especially accoustic – I find Absinthe to be an emotional masterpiece, with far more soul than its drinking lyrics carry written down on paper; on the album it’s good, but falls behind Get Thee Behind Me – a song I never fully warmed to live.

Not The First can justifiably whip up a stonking mosh pit live, but is surpassed by Wash My Hands as the record’s superlative song to rock out to. Wash My Hands rocketed into my top 3 songs to shred piste to in Val d’Isere this January – objectively, from any band. It retained that crown at Snowbombing in April despite the plethora of quality drum’n'bass going on around me, which is no mean feat.

At this point I’m painfully aware that I lack the skill of writing a good music review, so I’ll stop. Suffice to say – check them out live (they’re at The Goldsmiths in Southwark tomorrow night, and the Purple Turtle in Camden in a few weeks time), pick up the album, or both. At the very least you’ll be entertained, and the bassist is hot ;)

You can pick the album up on iTunes or Amazon.