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Portfolio: Masabi Rebrand

// December 10th, 2009 // No Comments » // Mobile, Web

My company has gone through a complete transition over the second half of 2009, moving from a general mobile application consultancy to a product-based transport ticketing vendor. This new focus merited a total branding overhaul as our old look, with its black background, was more appropriate for our legacy marketing and gaming background.

The new font and colour scheme were designed to evoke the feel of the old British Rail branding, whilst the logo resembles the front of an Intercity train:

Masabi's new logo - The Ticket Machine In Your Pocket

The new tagline – “The Ticket Machine In Your Pocket” – came out of a brainstorming session during the excellent g2i (Gateway to Investment) course we took part in, which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in grooming their company for funding, or just understanding when a startup needs funds and what to expect from investors. It’s sponsored by the London Development Authority but run by industry professionals, offering top quality advice and opportunities where all participant’s interests are aligned – far better than the fee-based ‘advice’ and ‘connections’ that are so easy to come by.

The front page embeds a video of the product in action which really explains the underlying concept nicely – the photos I took during the video shoot now form a great resource of imagery for company documents and presentations:

The site structure is intentionally simple: it features simple product tours aimed at Passengers and Train Operating Companies:

The news section manages press releases and external coverage, alongside a social media feed integrating the company’s Flickr, Twitter, YouTube and SlideShare channels:

There is also a live feed showing the next event Masabi will be presenting at driven by our Google-based events calendar, with an integrated view on the site:

The company blog was migrated over from the Blogger account of the old site; a redirect plugin was set up to ensure legacy URLs continued to work:

The site also has all the obvious bells and whistles like Google Maps integration to find the office, and directions from the nearest tube stations etc:

Masabi StreetVendor mPayments app announced

// July 30th, 2009 // No Comments » // Mobile

My company, Masabi, have just announced our mPayments platform for the developing world – quite funky stuff which breaks the traditional need for operator involvement to handle the sorts of peer-to-peer payments currently transforming Africa and Asia.  You can read more about it on the release, or just listen to Ben demo and explain it all on YouTube.

It’s amazing how slowly news lags development – the app has actually been running in Sudan for some time, and is going to be deployed in other parts of the world soon (details under wraps sadly…).

Screenshot of the Masabi StreetVendor mPayment application running in Arabic - click to see more on Flickr Screenshot of the Masabi StreetVendor mPayment application running in Arabic - click to see more on Flickr

Great work from everyone involved!

Portfolio: Masabi web site

// August 14th, 2008 // 1 Comment » // Web

I’ve just finished designing the new site for Masabi, as the old site had hit a number of structural and organisational limits.  The new site explains our full range of secure transactional mobile phone applications, EncryptME technology, press section, etc wrapped up in an XHTML template:

Masabi web site

The CSS is designed to not only offer standard features like a clean print-friendly variant, but also to be targeted at the viewing device with custom CSS variants delivered to iPhones, S60 smartphones and simpler mobile handsets – each of which customises the viewing experience for smaller screens and removes high bandwidth items like large images.  Targeted CSS is delivered using Masabi’s DeployME server, which uses some cunning algorithms I cooked up to identify a handset from its User-Agent and related headers.

Masabi news page

The site also now fully incorporates the Masabi blog, Masabists, currently run through Blogger (though this will change when I have time).

Masabi ticketing page